ACCA Pop up store: Akihabara Atre


Living in Japan has some major perks.


Alright, alright! This is going to be my first real life type post, so I hope you all sit back and enjoy yourself.

Last season, I became a huge, huge fan of ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka for numerous reasons that I can ramble about for days…but that’s not why I made this post (or is it?)

I want to say around every month or so, Atre (a japanese department store/mall-type thing) in Akihabara hosts exhibits featuring anime, games, and so on. You get the idea. About a month ago, they happened to be featuring line art from ACCA, as well as a stamp collection activity thing and I was super excited!



At the time, I was a bit disappointed because of the lack of merchandise, but more likely than not, I was stupid and checking the wrong floor of the department store. Anyway, the bar/cafe where I go to practice Japanese isn’t too far off from Akihabara station, so with some time to kill, I decided to do some roaming and boy was I not disappointed. I easily dropped $80 on all this and I’m not even mad. Because the event started off earlier, I missed the opportunity to get more Jean and Nino-themed merch, but I was hardly disappointed.

I bought two Mugimaki bread bag/lunch bags (because freaking awesome gift for a friend that I just could not resist), a couple key chains (one shaped like Jean’s lighter, the other Nino-themed), a bread-shaped cellphone charm/screen-cleaner thing, a cellphone case, and an IC card case made to look like Nino’s camera. Yeah, I broke the bank because this is all licensed goods. I regret nothing. There were plenty of other character desplays, charms, clear file folders the first time I went, but unfortunately I missed out on those. There were actually really cool ACCA ID cards for a lot of the characters, but I unfortunately only noticed them after I was paying, and to be quite frank, my wallet was already sobbing, so I wasn’t going to buy more.

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Best wishes!



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