Sakura Quest – 04

This is a shout out to all those who still follow my coverage of Sakura Quest even though I’m clearly unreliable as fu——- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Cute Girls doing Cute Things! We’re going down the realm of promotions again and exploring one of Manoyama’s traditional crafts; Ranma, and we ain’t talking about any gender bending here.

Ranma is the art of Japanese wood carving, and some of the works are utterly breathtaking.


Believe it or not, this isn’t even the craziest thing someone’s made!

Yoshino discovering the elaborate ranma in Sanae’s home is the precursor to the quest for promoting Manoyama’s wood-carving. There have been numerous attempts in the past, but none have been particularly fruitful, despite the face that Manoyama’s ramna is considered tangible heritage by the government.

What I find myself particularly drawn into, yet again, is the gang’s failure. While their good intentions are felt by some of the Wood-carving district, others view it in a drastically different light. Yoshino’s probably is she immediately goes down the promotional route for anything, and as such neglects understanding why people oppose the idea. With each passing episode, I understand why the merchant’s association is at odds with the tourism board.


Even the mysterious bard seems to think they’re fighting likes cats and dogs.


That’s what is not being understood here. It’s all in a matter of pride, specifically pride in one’s work. I applaud Yoshino and her ministers for trying to breathe life into the town, but that can’t be done without a mutual level of respect and understanding. They did no research as to how difficult the ranma were to produce, the types of wood necessary, or anything like that. They just jumped on the wagon of “this is something we can promote” without much investment beyond that. Now, I can’t fault those in the Tourism board either. If no tourism comes into the town, the economy will eventually suffer for it. And why are they doing all this any way? For pride in the town that they love. Pride is a double-edge sword and it’s delicious. Because of the manner of such slice-of-life shows and how they function, I think there is ultimately going to be some sort of compromise between the two organizations, but for now, I’ll drink up the conflict.

Before wrapping this all up, I want to turn towards Sanae and her own internal conflicts that Kazushi was all too happy to stir up for her. Why was she here? She says she wanted to be surrounded by nature, and thus chose Manoyama, which of course, Kazushi grills her over. Unlike him, she didn’t have to pick the town to run away to. Let’s be real for a minute. He’s right. It didn’t have to be, it just was. And to play devil’s advocate, I understand Sanae’s need to run away from Tokyo. The crowded trains are stifling (and if you downplay them without living through the experience, you’re just full of shit), everyone is overworked, and by the end of the day, you’re so exhausted you don’t want to do anything. To want to do nothing on your days off because you’re so exhausted and have to go back and do the same thing for yet another week…it’s soul-crushing.

I feel like with each passing post, I’m becoming more analytical and less synopsis-writing…I hope you guys like it.

Till next time. Best wishes.



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