Yuri on Ice – CAFE


There comes a time in a blogger’s life where she can be productive and actually do a post about the show she’s watching…or she can talk about something far more profound. I had the pleasure of attending the Yuri on Ice Cafe in Omotesando, and let me tell you; if you are a fan of YoI, you’re going to have a blast.


Mmm, feelings~

The entire space is dedicated to Yuri on Ice, with the soundtrack playing in the background of both levels of the shop, the walls decorated with screencaps from the show, as well as some of our favorite scenes projected on walls (at least in the basement ;p ). As delightful as the atmosphere was, let’s talk about the menu, shall we?


Yuri’s Katsudon set!


Delicious cafe mocha~!

The food was AMAZING! Generally themed cafes don’t have the best food, or the portions are dismally small, but not only was the food plentiful, it was delicious. There was a decent variety of food ranging from the katsudon, Yurio had borscht, Phichit had a Thai dish, and so on. I fully anticipated the food to be mediocre, but you know what? It was pretty damn good. The prices were a bit steep, but hey, that was to be expected.

Now, I came here already knowing I was going to be hemorrhaging money, so a trip to the Yuri on Ice Cafe could not have been complete without a trip to the swag room. I pretty much got most of what was available, minus some canvas print of the cafe art. There were notebooks of Yuri, Yurio, and Victor, and a small mystery bag with an acrylic figure.


I figured these were better gifts for friends then Japanese kitkats.

Now as for the mystery figure…I’ll show you!


Ta da~!

Now, to get into the Yuri on Ice Cafe, there is a 800 yen reservation fee, but included with that, you get a one of three collectible coasters featuring the official cafe art and a nice clear file! The cafe will be here in Tokyo until July 2nd, so you still have time to attempt it.

Link to official page below!

Yuri!!! on ICE CAFE


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