Sakura Quest – 07


Well, what do you know, I’m back from that hole I disappeared in! Forgive the delay, I’m back and read for more Sakura Quest. Episode seven starts exactly where we left off in the movie shoot with things looking rather dire. Maki is no longer sitting on the sidelines, and instead chooses to use her know-how in assisting the production! Meanwhile, Yoshino is doing what she can to secure the location of the old house, only to be given some unanticipated news.


Shiori’s lie has come to light. Interestingly enough, to Shiori, it was not so much about preserving Manoyama, it was about preserving a house that she had some memories in. What I found more interesting though, was the little stab that Yoshino made when confronting her. Burning down the memories of other people is fine, but not when they directly effect Shiori. Ouch. Way to hit Shiori with the hypocrite-stick. Then again, Shiori proves not to be the meek character I thought her to be. There’s some fire in that girl, what with how “this is something a person who abandoned her hometown could never understand.” Daaaaaaaaaang. Shiori didn’t hold back any punches!


Look, you can tell the exact moment her heart broke!

Not to worry, the friendship mended fairly quick, allowing us to progress into more delicious Maki-development. We got a better look into her childhood as she walked around town, reminiscing about the birth of her love of acting, as well as a glimpse into the relationship with her father. He really saved the gang during one of the director’s brilliant moments of inspiration, using the emergency contact list at the school to call in a mini troop of child zombies; hey, being a vice-principal has it’s perks. Despite being a hard critic, Maki came to the realization that her father had no doubt been one of her biggest fans, even way back towards her first production in her class’s production of Snow White. Despite not getting the leading role, young Maki was the best damn tree that class could have asked for. Knowing that there were many people supporting her, Maki really grew as a character this episode. Don’t shy away from even the smallest opportunities to shine, who knows were they may lead you, right? (Like maybe into a burning building).

Luckily for us, there was closure all around, even though bittersweet. The house Shiori tried to protect wound up in flames anyway, but with some of our lovely Queen’s involvement, the original homeowner was given a dedication in the film. I thought that was an exceptionally nice touch to wrap things up. Despite all the struggles along the way, the film in Manoyama was a success, and word of their hospitality soon spread…albeit a little more generously than they would have liked.


You know…I think this arc left me a bit rejuvenated in my own goals. Maybe we all need to take the chances we are given and make the most of them. Hopefully, they don’t involve us running into a burning dilapidated house to regain that sense of hopefulness.

Best wishes and see you next time!


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