Isekai Shokudo – 01

Welcome to a restaurant to another world, where they’ve got it all! Moe demon girls, possessive dragon queens, and food porn for daaaaaays. The premise of Isekai Shokudo is rather simple: Food. During the week, the Nekoya functions as your usual western-style restaurant, catering to the salarymen crowd, but on Saturdays, things become a little special; that’s when the Nekoya caters to clientele from different worlds, serving them good old fashion yoshoku.

The restaurant is run by a seemingly nameless chef (Suwabe Junichi), who runs the place like clockwork. Our second member of the team was introduced in the second-half of the episode, Aletta (Uesaka Sumire), the token moe down-on-her-luck demon chick, who gets a job as a waitress freaking easily. How I wish I could just wander into a restaurant, eat a huge pot of corn potage, pass out on the kitchen floor, and get a job for it. Sigh.

Now, if you’re going into Isekai Shokudo expecting a masterpiece, get out. This show is probably just going to be episodic stupid fun with no serious plot outside of food porn and cute fantasy restaurant life. And you know what? That’s exactly what I want in my life. Hell, the first five minutes of the show was about three old guys, a lion man, and a lizard man fighting about what’s tastier with white rice; teriyaki chicken, pork cutlet, or freaking curry. And let’s not forget the dragon queen with a love of beef stew. I’m curious about that arrangement, but I’m sure my curiosity about her will be satiated eventually.

My only qualm with the show is after watching the episode, I’m feeling as ravenous as Aletta. There’s some rather obvious fanservice with the dragon queen and Aletta having one of those token shower scenes, but I’m happy that there were no food orgasms like in Shokugeki no Souma. Yes, there were boobs and nakedness, but damn did it feel so much tamer by comparison.

Will I be blogging this? Probably. This post was so disgustingly easy to write, that I could only wish Sakura Quest struck me the same way. I like animated food porn and cuteness, so sue me. So those out to take a culinary journey with me, I’d recommend not watching this on an empty stomach.

Till next time, best wishes!


May your meal make you as happy as this lizard man.


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