Isekai Shokudou – 02

Time flies when you got summer vacation in play. And here I was all pumped to cover this show, and look at me, already three weeks behind. Better get my act together or this is bound to be Sakura Quest all over again!

First half of this episode is dedicated to the Minced Pork Cutlet aspect of the episode, menchi katsu. Our main protagonist is Sarah Gold, a treasure hunter searching for (presumably) her grandfather’s, William Gold dearest treasure, referenced in his journal. In there, William meticulously keeps track of the coming and goings of the Nekoya, much to Sarah’s surprise. Through her discovery of the door to the restaurant, we learn a few things about the world and how the presumed portal function. First things first, there is a common language that everyone can read, so far. Secondly, and most interesting of all, the restaurant is not magic, it’s the door. A customer at the restaurant explained to Tenshu that the door distorts space and time, creating doors in multiple other worlds. I think the door is a Tardis!  Carrying on to the important part, Sarah orders the daily special, which looks absolutely scrumptious. If you have never eaten menchi katsu, please stop what you’re doing and go find a Japanese soul food restaurant. Your life will never be the same. It so happens that William was a previous customer, whose favorite item on the menu was menchi katsu, and was friends with the old bros who were arguing last episode. It goes without saying, the Nekoya has a new regular in Sarah Gold, who not only gets to enjoy delicious food, but honor her lost grandfather by visiting his favorite treasure.

The second half of the episode revolved around Heinrich Steelman, a former knight turned Captain, and his passionate love of fried shrimp. Our story is a rather straight-forward one. A mysterious man, revealed to be the legendary fencing master and Nekoya regular, Tatsugoro, has come to return a sword Steelman left behind. We are given a flashback to three years ago when the Duchy got attacked by evil moth men, and our hero Steelman was ordered to hurry and fetch assistance from the nearby monarchs. As one can imagine, things do not go easy for our man as he runs to save his homeland from certain doom. His horse dies, he runs out of food, and while on the brink of starvation comes across a door to the Nekoya on an abandoned cabin. Might I say, Tenshu is cool as cucumber throughout the whole encounter with Steelman brandishing his sword and making demands. What shit has this man seen that this is just normal behavior for him? Anyway, Steelman orders the fried shrimp on the menu, as it reminds him of the shrimp that his hometown was known for, except boy is he surprised to learn that Tenshu’s shrimp is better than that. The man orders three additional plates! Despite his previous rude behavior (demanding food like an entitled noble), he knows better than to skip on the bill, as such, he leaves his sword as collateral, proof that he will return to pay his tab. As expected, when Steelman attempts to return, his efforts are met with failure, as the restaurant has simply vanished. How lucky is he that not only does Tatsugoro return his sword, but alert him of a door near the fortress? Worry not, Steelman! Your dark days without fried shrimp are over!

See you next time!


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