Isekai Shokudou – 03

This episode was all about grandfathers. We even had three of them featured prominently with Thomas Alfade, Great Emperor Wilhelm, and even Tenshu’s grandfather thrown into the mix. Part of me is curious if this is a theme that will continue on in the series, as by my count we’ve had four grandfathers mentioned in these last couple of episodes.

Now, what I love about Isekai Shokudou is how easy it is just to fall back into the pace of the show. Like the food that it offers, this show leaves me feeling warm and happy, fulfilled after an episode.

The first half of the episode featured Thomas Alfade and his grandson, Sirius. Exposition-wise, theirs was the more interesting aspect. Because he wanted to eat Nekoya’s food, Thomas basically started the fantasy-world equivalent of William Sonoma. His success is no doubt linked to Tenshu, who pays Thomas for ingredients from his world so that he can practice and make things more palatable for the customers who wander in. You gotta applaud that dedication to service, especially considering how Tenshu isn’t doing this for the money, but for the love of the joy his food brings others.

Honestly, as adorable as Adelheid was with her grandfather, I still feel Sirius and his grandfather took the cake in adorable “family outing” feels.

Next time, it looks as though we’ll be getting some lizard man action, so I’m excited. Not to worry, I’ll be doing episode catch up this week, so please be patient.

(Also…tartar sauce pasta? Ewww)

Best wishes!


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