What is a Panini? Merriam-Webster defines it as “a usually grilled sandwich made with Italian Bread.” Want to know a secret? That’s actually the definition for a panino, the singular form of panini. I’m sure I just blew your mind with that. Not many people seem to know that, but there you go. You just learned something new today, assuming you were unaware.

Spoiler alert: I’m a person, not a sandwich.

Panini comes from a play on a misspelling of my incredibly complicated name, affectionately given to myself and then adopted by my school friends. As such, I have been called everything remotely related to bread. A rather popular one? Slice of bread. Imagine that being hollered in an apartment. “Did you invite the slice of bread?!” Good times.

I studied Anthropology with a focus on Japan I’m an aspiring writer, having successfully been published nowhere but here. A girl can dream. Hopefully that can be something I aim to change, but for now, I could link you to my fanfiction.net account from high school, but I’ll abstain. I’d like for you to come back, after all.

I have been watching and enjoying anime for about thirteen years or so. As of late, I consider myself an “anime hipster”, as I do not consume anything just because it happens to be anime. Dare I say my tastes have refined? Don’t listen to me, I’m full of shit.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, eating tasty treats in the form of baked goods, and spending more money than intended in bookstores.

See you around!